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Advanced Lactation Management Module

L-MAP Lactation Management Advanced Program

The Lactation Management Advanced Program (L-MAP) is an extended educational program designed for IBCLCs who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in lactation management.

Developed by the Egyptian Lactation Consultant Association (ELCA), the L-MAP program is a six-month program that includes both online and onsite coursework and a mentorship program for clinical practice.

Who is the L-MAP program for?

The L-MAP program is designed for IBCLCs who are looking to acquire more advanced, clinical-based, and up-to-date practical knowledge. The program is ideal for IBCLCs who are already practicing lactation management and are looking to further their knowledge and skills.

Program Details:

The L-MAP program will cover a wide range of topics related to lactation management, including advanced clinical skillscounseling techniques, and the latest research in lactation management. The program will be delivered through a mix of online coursework, webinars, and mentorship programs.

The mentorship program is an integral part of the L-MAP program and will provide IBCLCs with the opportunity to work with experienced lactation consultants in a clinical setting. The mentorship program will help IBCLCs develop their skills and gain practical experience in lactation management.

Program Benefits:

The L-MAP program offers several benefits to IBCLCs who participate, including:

  • Advanced, clinical-based, and up-to-date practical knowledge in lactation management
  • Access to experienced lactation consultants through the mentorship program
  • The opportunity to expand professional networks and connect with other IBCLCs in Egypt
  • A certificate of completion from the Egyptian Lactation Consultant Association (ELCA) upon successful completion of the program

How to Apply:

Applications for the L-MAP program will be available on the ELCA website in late 2023.