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دورة شاملة في استشارات الرضاعة

دورة شاملة في استشارات الرضاعة

Since 2004 ELCA have been conducting the successful Lactation consultancy comprehensive course LCCC which was formerly known as CPLM (Certificate Program in Lactation Management) under direction and supervision of Dr Amal El Taweel (head of the educational department). This program has been successfully providing a unique, state of the art, comprehensive, upto date, evidence based postgraduate lactation management education and preparing healthcare professionals for the IBLCE examination.

The rates of passing the international exam among attendants of our program ranges from 85% to 94%.

Not only Does LCCC provide knowledge, it develop skills and change attittudes towards a mother baby dyad friendly medical and social practice

The program was run onsite and online batches have been added since 2020 with outstanding success. To review the LCCC graduate experiences Click Here

If you want to know more on the program and how to register and important dates Click Here

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