Mommies Corner


Educational Department

Preparing healthcare professionals to embrace the art and knowledge of lactation consultancy has been of utmost importance to ELCA since its foundation. The Educational department of ELCA was established in 2004, headed by Dr. Amal El Taweel, and enriched by remarkable IBCLCs and a supporting team.

The educational department's vision was coming from the heart of ELCA's vision, to provide healthcare workers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the lactation consultancy profession together with support and enhancement of concepts such as counseling, ethics, evidence-based medicine, and research.

From 2004 until the present, the educational department's programs stood the test with continuous evaluation auditing, improvement, and innovation, extending their reach geographically and across different medical specialties, communities, and societal needs. It also provided basic lactation knowledge, training, and lactation management knowledge for the postgraduate medical and nursing staff.

Clinical services also provide practical training for candidates applying for the International Board Certificate of Lactation Consultants.