Mommies Corner


Research Services

One of the integral roles of ELCA is its contribution to scientific knowledge and medical evidence.

We carry on our shoulders adding new pieces of the puzzle to lactational medicine, early infant nutrition, and maternal and child health at large.

We explore the latest knowledge, articulate new research questions, and carry out new research projects to broaden the horizon of maternal and child health. We integrate the knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary team to answer the unmet needs and questions of the medical practice of Lactation.
Our vision of a prospective research design is founded upon three central questions:

Is it proficient?
How long would it take?
How much would it cost?

Our motto remains:

"best result reached within less than ideal setting."

The perspective of our designed study of ours would be based on the specific need: a short assignment, i.e., a pilot study within three months; a long one: a longitudinal study over three years; or else a 12-months endeavor, all suitably chosen.

In ELCA, we dare to ask.. we dare to answer.