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Nurture Journal of ELCA is intended as a forum for the demonstration and advancement of possibly significant and updated insights in the global field the field of maternal and child health, inclusive of breastfeeding and human lactation and early child feeding realm.


We are securing the continuum of a community intended between all parties interested in maternal and child at large. We aim to provide them with high-quality, up-to-date, peer reviewed information resource delivered through a range of current, educational articles.

Such scope is inclusive of, but not limited to, pediatricians, obgyns, family medicine specialists, dentists, clinical nutritionists psychiatrists, pathologists, and imaging professionals. Dieticians and growth-development experts decidedly share the community. Selected savant paramedics, psychologists and sociologists would have their input as well.

Journal Topics


Interchange and update of practice protocols and knowledge of the field, in general, are pertinent to fostering education by providing competent reviews and analyses of selected subjects' updated material on research trends and elaborations in the field.


Nurture Journal of ELCA (the Publisher), issues original articles and clinical research in the selected field of maternal and child health. Initially, there would be four issues per year that contain Editorial Commentaries, Reviews, Educational Reviews, Original Articles, Brief Reports, Rapid Communications, and Clinical Quizzes.