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LCCC Graduation Ceremony 2023

  • March 22, 2023
Long awaited day..

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the Egyptian Lactation Consultants’ Association ELCA  celebrated the graduation of four batches of graduates from the training program Lactation Consultancy Comprehensive Course (LCCC) qualifying for the International Board Lactation Consultants Examination IBCLC.

The celebration took place in an atmosphere filled with pride, friendliness and hope, with attendance from all over the world on the sidelines of the Fourth International Breastfeeding Conference, which was being held for the first time in Egypt.
The celebration came at the closing ceremony of the conference in honor of the efforts and brilliance of our graduates at the level of impressive success rates in the international exam, in addition to excellence in practical life after obtaining the certificate.
Dr. Amal Al-Taweel (Head of Training Programs at ELCA) handed over the certificates of the training program, and Dr. Mona Sakr (Chairman of the IBLCE) and Ms. Sarah Blair (CEO of the IBLCE) presented a pin with the logo of the IBCLC, in appreciation of the efforts and excellence of Egyptian doctors who obtained the International Board.

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