Mommies Corner

The 1st EUP (Egyptian Union of Pediatrics) conference

  • February 24, 2023

“The 1st EUP Conference” was held on Friday 24/2/2023 in “Princess Fatema Academy” Cairo by the organization of EFEP (Egyptian Foundation of Egyptian Pediatricians) and “EUP” (Egyptian Union of Pediatricians)

The CEMTA-accredited program included incomparable sessions discussing nutrition, respiratory, Endocrinology, GIT, PICU, and more, to enhance the attendees with a real practical experience on the cases that pediatricians see in their daily practice,

Hosting 300 Pediatricians, the EUP offered  an excellent opportunity to discuss every specialty on a high national level, through exchanging ideas and knowledge with the experts through a multidisciplinary setting.

As the conference was purely abiding by the code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes, and honoring the much appreciated offer of the EUP regarding ELCA’s participation in the 1st EUP conference, ELCA offered a discount for all conference attendees on ELCA’s educational programs.