Mommies Corner

WBW Closing Ceremony 2023

  • February 21, 2023

ِ A Month and a Half of a YEARLY RECURRING SUCCESS!!

On 21st of February of 2023 we celebrated the closing of the WBW campaign in Egypt. Discussing the WBW coverage statistics, paying attribute to participants and volunteers, and honoring sponsors and partners for the effort and impact was undeniable.  As our annual tradition for the fourth year we continued to celebrate The WBW all over the country for 45 continuous days.

Through live lectures, workshops and discussions with Healthcare authorities in all of the Egyptian governorates for promoting breastfeeding in the Egyptian community, by building a support system for the mothers all around Egypt.

This can only take place by raising awareness among the medical community itself as a corner stone in supporting mothers and families through the breastfeeding journey.
In 2022, ELCA collaborated with the National Institute of Nutrition, UNICEF, and other national and international bodies in a major campaign lasting 6 weeks, travelling across Egypt, covering 40 hospitals, to teach healthcare providers the basic fundamentals of breastfeeding.